Sofia.jpgBulgaria is one of the oldest European States with 20-century-old history and traditions. Modern Bulgaria is situated in Southeastern Europe, in the Balkan Peninsula - a busy crossroad of ancient cultures.

Bulgaria is also known for its picturesque nature and rich cultural heritage. According to statistics, the country ranks third in Europe only after Greece and Italy for its number of valuable archeological monuments.

For most foreign holidaymakers, Bulgaria's main allure is its long, sandy Black Sea Coast - which boasts swathes of stunning beaches and picturesque bays but there is so much more to this country, and so much of it remains largely untouched and unvisited by overseas tourists.

Networks of well-maintained hiking trails and horse-riding routes allow you to discover Bulgaria's lush mountainous and forested landscapes, especially around the Rila and Pirin Mountains, inhabited by bears, lynx, rare birds and other kinds of wildlife now becoming scarce elsewhere in Europe.

You'll also discover multicolored monasteries, filled with fabulous icons and watched over by bushy-bearded priests, and impossibly pretty timber-framed villages with smoke curling lazily over the stone-tiled roofs and donkeys complaining in the distance.

The cities, too, are often overlooked highlights, from dynamic, cosmopolitan Sofia with its lovely parks, sociable alfresco bars and fascinating museums, to the National Revival architectural treasures and Roman remains of Plovdiv, and the youthful maritime cockiness of Varna.


At the foot of the Vitosha Mountains lies the laid back capital city, Sofia, boasting a great number of architectural monuments and museums.

Other major attractions are Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Banya Bashi Mosque, The Baths, Boyana Church, the Cyril and Methodius Library, Eagles bridges, Hallite, The Holy Synod, Ivan Vazov National Theatre, The Law Courts, Lion Bridge and many others, are among the attractions not to be missed during your visit.

Connecting services to other Bulgarian cities including Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Burgas, Varna, are also available.