Travel Conditions

General travel conditions
Online Version: 2010

About this English translation

Please note that the summary Travel Conditions below are an English translation from the original Dutch version. Eurolines Nederland B.V. operates under Dutch law and therefore the Dutch version is the definitive version. 

1. Applicability

1.1 These Conditions apply to all coach journeys arranged by Eurolines Nederland B.V. or its agents, except if, and insofar as information concerning any scheduled service is published to the contrary either by or on behalf of Eurolines Nederland B.V. or if the contrary appears in any other way.

1.2 The Standard Conditions of the companies contracted by Eurolines for the journey are applicable in addition to these Conditions insofar as they do not conflict with the Transportation Conditions of Eurolines Nederland B.V.

2. Definitions

2.1 Passenger: The person who books the journey, as well as any person for whom the journey is booked and/or who makes the journey.

2.2 Eurolines: Eurolines Nederland B.V.

2.3 Booking: Application to enter into a travel contract with Eurolines or one of its agents, involving a coach journey corresponding to a timetable published by Eurolines.

2.4 Reservation: A booking accepted by Eurolines for a timetabled coach journey to be taken at a specified date and time.

2.5 Ticket: A ticket is personal and not transferable. A travel document supplied by, or by order of Eurolines, which under the provisions of these Conditions gives the right to take one or more coach journeys on the route or routes and the name stated on the ticket.

2.6 Check-in:

Passengers must present themselves for check in 30 minutes before departure. 
Check-in will be done by the driver, except in Amsterdam. 
In Amsterdam the check-in is made at the counter inside the Eurolines busstation. Check-in closes 15 minutes before departure. 
Departure from other countries: Passengers must present themselves for checkin 30 minutes before departure. 
Check-in will be done by the driver. If there is an open Eurolines office near the departure point, passengers must present themselves at the counter. 
(Note: In London, check-in is 1 hour before departure at the counters).

2.7 Payment

At the Eurolines shops, the accepted methods of payment are: cash, credit card, debit card.
At the Eurolines call center, the exclusively accepted method of payment is credit card. 
At the accepted method of payments are: credit card, online banking (Ideal). 

3. Return journeys / Reservations

3.1 Eurolines Standard return tickets are valid for a maximum of 6 months after the first travel date. Where Eurolines is acting as an agent for other carriers, the validity of tickets issued to passengers is under the auspices of the Travel Conditions of the principal carrier. Promo return tickets are valid a maximum of four weeks and have specified outward and return dates.

3.2 A minimum of 48 hours prior to the preferred travel date is required to book open return tickets. Eurolines cannot guarantee the availability of seats on the desired travel date and under no circumstances will be held responsible for any losses incurred if the passenger is unable to travel at the time of their choosing. If you have booked an open return ticket with a transfer to another scheduled service, please be aware that you need to book the last section of your return journey yourself with the relevant Eurolines partner.

3.3 Bookings are only accepted if full payment for the relevant fare has been received by Eurolines.

3.4 Return journeys that require reconfirmation must be reconfirmed (preferably immediately upon arrival) with with the local Eurolines representative at least 5 days prior to the preferred travel date, unless otherwise stated on the Eurolines ticket, brochure, or website. It is the customer's responsibility to ascertain in advance whether reconfirmation is required. In some countries a reconfirmation fee will be charged.

4. Check-in / Lost tickets / Modification & Cancellation / Complaints

4.1 Passengers must show a valid Eurolines ticket or a valid printed e-ticket, together with a proof of identity ( e.g. identity card or passport). All e- tickets must be printed. If a valid (e) ticket cannot be shown at check-in, a new ticket must be purchased to travel. Neither the original or new ticket are refundable( note: the confirmation email is not valid for transportation).

4.2 It is the passenger's responsibility to check that the ticket has the correct number of vouchers and information when issued, or handed back to the passenger after inspection by check-in staff or the carrier (e.g. driver).

4.3 Lost or stolen tickets will not be refunded.

Duplicate tickets will not be provided should the ticket be lost or stolen, nor will the fare be reimbursed. It is recommended that passengers take out insurance to cover such an eventuality.

4.4Tickets are personal and not transferable and solely valid for the ordered journey. Tickets shall be changed via the call center and the Eurolines shops in order to modify one or more of the following items:

- Date
- Time
- Boarding point
A changing fee is applied when changing a standard ticket( date, time or boarding point).

Standard ticket
Until half an hour after the departure time of the outward journey Netherlands: € 8 per ticket plus any applicable supplements. 
Downgrade differences will not be refunded. 
After completing the outward journey, any changes on a Standard ticket issued in the Netherlands can only be modified abroad in the Eurolines local shop. Local modifications fees will apply. 
A Promo ticket can be changed until 6 hours before the departure time of the outward journey. the modification will include an upgrade to standard fare plus a € 8 modification fee. 
Changing a Promo ticket within 6 hours before departure or after the departure time of the outward journey is not possible. 

4.5 The reservation fee and Insurance policy is non- refundable.
The cancellation fee for Standard tickets:
A) Until 48 hours before departure: 25% of the ticket price with a minimum of € 10 per ticket.
B) 48 - 6 hours before departure: 50% of the ticket price with a minimum of € 25 per ticket.
C)Less than 6 hours before departure or no show: 100% fee.
Promo tickets, Eurolines Passes, Mini Passes, partially to be used/ used tickets and special offers are non refundable.

4.6 Complaints or requests for compensation/damage claims regarding the journey's) experienced must be submitted in writing to the Eurolines head office in the country where the ticket was purchased no later than 3 months after the last travel date stated on the ticket, subject to the provisions of Article 5.9.

5. Luggage

5.1 One handluggage( 60x35x15) maximum 5 kilos.  Hand luggage must be stored in the appropriate baggage rack. 

5.2 Eurolines accepts no liability for the transportation of hand luggage. Hand luggage is the sole responsibility of passengers.

5.3 It is strongly recommended that passengers take out adequate luggage insurance
Eurolines offers a travel insurance of Allianz Global assistance

5.4 Liability for theft, loss or damage to luggage transported in the coach baggage hold is only accepted up to a maximum of € 75 per luggage and a maximum of € 150. If and insofar that the incident has happened as a result of gross negligence or wilful misconduct by Eurolines or its appointed carriers for the journey, with the exception of items stated in article 5.2 and provided that the conditions stated in article 5.9 have been adhered to. Small valuable items ( money, medication, jewellery, precious metals, laptop, computers, identifications documents and others) should be transported as hand luggage.

5.5  A maximum of 2 pieces of luggage ( suitcases, bags and packages 70x80x20 cm with a total maximum of 30 kilos) per passenger will be accepted for carriage. Children and Infants are allowed to carry 1 piece of luggage with a total maximum of 15 kilos.
Eurolines reserves the right to refuse luggage exceeding weight, dimensions as indicated.The carriage of objects such as bicycles, sporting equipment, skis and musical instruments are strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to transport narcotics, explosives and other dangerous objects.

Luggage allowances may vary by service and you should check with Eurolines for full details.

5.6 Animals, except guide dogs, dead or alive, are not allowed. 

5.7 All pieces of luggage, including hand luggage, must be properly packed and clearly indicate the passenger’s name, address, telephone number and destination. Fragile objects shall be specially packed and indicated as such. Luggage packing is the entire responsibility of the passenger. In the event of damages caused by the passenger luggage to third parties, the responsibility is entirely of the passenger.

5.8 All luggage handling is the sole responsibility of passengers when transferring between coaches or passing through customs controls. At the end of the journey, passengers are requested to ensure that they took all their belongings and no objects have been left inside the coach.

5.9 In the event of damage or loss of luggage during the journey other than hand luggage, the customer must report this with the carrier (driver) and Eurolines immediately upon discovery. If the ticket was bought in the Netherlands, written notice must be given to the head office of Eurolines Nederland within 10 days after the discovery of the damage/ disappearance, accompanied by the remainder of the original ticket and luggage label.No claims will be accepted if filed on a later stage.

6. Timetable changes/ Delays / Cancellations

6.1 Departure and arrival times should be read in local time. Eurolines accepts no liability for any delays to the journey and/or losses incurred by the passenger as a consequence thereof. Eurolines and/ or its foreign representatives are entitled at any time to change the schedule. Passengers must ascertain whether a change in departure time has been made 48 hours before the stated departure time. Eurolines declines any responsibility if the passenger refused to provide contact information with the booking or if the contact information is incorrect.

6.2 Eurolines has the right at any time to cancel the journey due to threat or presence of war, armed conflicts, terrorist attacks, blockades, strikes, bad weather conditions, social unrest, technical malfunctions on the coach or any other circumstances that could impede the journey. The fare will be refunded for the cancelled portion of the journey.

7. Liability of the passenger

7.1 The lead passenger who also books the journey on behalf of other passengers is liable to Eurolines for any damage caused by those other passengers.

7.2 Children under 16 years of age are not allowed to travel with Eurolines unless accompanied by an adult. Passengers aged between 16 and 17 years old must carry an authorization from a parent or legal guardian during the journey. A standard form can be downloaded via

7.3 Passengers should behave in a reasonable, sensible and lawful manner on a coach at any departure point and shops.

7.4 Passengers are only allowed to use TV, radios and music players with a headphone set. Passengers are entitled to use mobile phones considerately with the comfort of other passengers in mind.

7.5 Passengers must refrain from: damaging or littering the coach, consuming food, alcoholic drinks or using narcotics in the coach, obstructing the chauffeur or other personnel in any way that impairs the performance of their duties.

7.6 Smoking is not allowed on any Eurolines coach, shop.

7.7 Passengers conduct which does not comply with, or ignores these stipulations entitles Eurolines or the carrier, with immediate effect, to refuse the passenger access to the shops, to the coach or refuse the right to continue the journey aboard the coach.

7.8 During a ferry crossing it is not allowed to enter the coach. It is the responsibility of the passenger to take all necessary luggage and belongings with them when leaving the coach.

7.9  Passengers must inform themselves to the competent authorities to obtain information about the necessary documents( identity cards, passport, visa, vaccinations certificates, minors authorisation). No passenger rights derive from any advice given by Eurolines on this subject.

If the passengers, before or during the journey, are refused entry, transit or access to the country, all consequences, damages and costs, are therefore the passengers'entire responsibility and without any right to full or partial refund of the fare.

7.10 Passengers must be at the embarkation point at least 30 minutes prior to departure unless otherwise stated in Eurolines publications or at In London passengers must present themselves 60 minutes prior to departure at the check-in counter. Check-in closes 15 minutes before the scheduled departure of the service. Passengers failing to check-in before this time forfeit their seats.

7.11 Passengers must return to the coach on time at stops made during the journey. The coach will depart according to the stated time of the schedule or the time announced by the driver. Eurolines will not be liable in any way for the failure of a passenger to rejoin the coach at the stated time.

7.12 At all times, the passenger must behave in accordance with the safety instructions, rules and regulations that have been or will be given by Eurolines or individuals or organizations involved in the journey on behalf of Eurolines. If available, wearing of seat belts aboard the coach whilst travelling is compulsory.

7.13 If Eurolines cannot fulfil, or has not fulfiled its transportation obligations, the passenger should contact Eurolines.

Passengers must refrain from: damaging or littering the coach, consuming food, alcoholic drinks or using narcotics in the coach, obstructing the chauffeur or other personnel in any way that impairs the performance of their duties, cause bother or annoyance to other passengers or road users. Conduct which does not comply with, or ignores these stipulations entitles Eurolines and/or the carrier with immeiate effect to refuse the passenger access to the coach and or the right to continue their journey aboard the coach.

8. Liability of Eurolines

8.1 Eurolines has the right to deviate from these Conditions according to regulations or directives issued by the Dutch or Foreign Governments (relevant to the journey booked) without any liability to passengers for errors and inconsistencies in printed or digital material published or to be published on its behalf.

8.2 Eurolines may not be held liable for partial or entire failure to perform or for improper performance of the transport contract, due to passengers'fault, unforeseeable and unavoidable act of a third party of force majeure.

In the event of arrival with a delay due to force majeure, Eurolines declines any liability for damages caused to passengerrs who will not be entitled to a full or partial refund or to any other compensation.  

9. Refusal of access

9.1 Eurolines and its carriers operating on behalf of Eurolines are entitled at any time to refuse access to  the coach where it can be reasonably suspected that passengers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs; whose appearance or dress does not fulfil basic hygiene requirements; who through apparent illness or physical appearance cannot reasonably be considered capable of travelling.

10. Changes by Eurolines

10.1 Eurolines is entitled at any time to change the schedule. Passengers must ascertain whether a change in departure time has been made 48 hours before the stated departure time.

10.2 Up to 30 days prior to departure, Eurolines is entitled to increase the fare due to changes in transportation costs (including fuel costs), duties owing, or the relevant rates of exchange. In such cases, the fare will be increased by the same percentage of the additional costs incurred since the booking date. In such cases the customer can cancel the ticket free of charge.

11. Applicable law /Legal jurisdiction

11.1 This contract is governed by Dutch law.

11.2 All disputes arising from these Conditions or in relation to the performance of the contract will exclusively and in the first instance be brought before the (President of the) District Court of Amsterdam, unless mandatory law stipulates that the Subdistrict Court (‘Kantongerecht’) is authorised to hear the dispute, in which case the Subdistrict Court which according to the law is competent to hear the case shall decide the case and subject to the passenger declaring, within one month that the dispute must be brought before the court with relative jurisdiction as designated by the law.

11.3 If and as far as a dispute exists regarding the interpretation of Eurolines’ Transportation Conditions, the Dutch language version is decisive in the settlement of such dispute.

12. Errata

13.1 Obvious errors or mistakes in our travel brochures, and other publications are not binding on Eurolines.

13. Notifications

All notifications to Eurolines are to be sent to:
Eurolines Nederland B.V.
Stationsplein 3, 1115 BZ Duivendrecht,
The Netherlands
Telephone:+31 (0)88 - 0761700

Please refer to your passenger rights, as set by the EU.