A-Vienna3.jpgHolidays in Austria, will surely evokes the mountains, winter sports, or may be the charm of Vienna and the waltz so famous ... but there is much more to discover.
Holidaying in Austria is also relaxing in one of its many thermal centers , visit renowned museums in one of the historic capitals of Europe, or enjoy a delicious and sophisticated cuisine..
Austria is also famous for the quality of its welcome and its services!
Across the country, you will find people willing to help and guide you to make your trip as pleasant as possible.
With direct access to Vienna or Linz from Belgium, Eurolines is the way of transport to visit Austria.

Tradition and modernity

From east to west, from north to south, Austria has been for centuries the scene of encounter between the various European trends. This geographic location allowed the country to become one of the birthplaces of artists and geniuses of the past century: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss or Lehar... All have made their masterpieces.
The Austria has also given birth to psychoanalysis and other human sciences. A walk in the district museums in Vienna, in the old town of Innsbruck and Graz you will allow you to account for the richness of its past. Different music festivals, or the visit of the cellars wine of the monasteries will convince you the Austria cultural and artistic creativity is never dried.
The rich heritage of Austria is incomparable and is a mainstay in the Austrian lifestyle, focusing on personal happiness and relaxation. The long list of restaurants and fine wines are recognized worldwide.

Magnificent experiences can be collected everywhere, unparalleled moments which permit you to plumb deeper into yourself, discover and fulfill desires everyday life had almost convinced you didn't exist. All that goes into holidays in Austria, make them special and memorable a life long. And in the process, they will transform you.

will transform you.